Locksmiths in Adelaide

While few people think they will ever need the services of such professionals, there are a few locksmiths in Adelaide to contact if you ever run into trouble with locks. You never know when you are going to be locked out of your home or vehicle, and it can be handy to have a phone number for a locksmith nearby when needed. People often panic when they realize their keys are locked somewhere, but knowing who to call in these situations can help to put your mind at ease.

Here is a list of locksmiths operating in Sydney:

Adelaide Locksmiths (adelaidelocksmiths.com.au)

150 Hutt Street
(08) 8223 5433

Clark Locksmiths (clarklocksmiths.com.au)

16 The Parade
(08) 8364 5431

Knight Locksmiths (knightlocksmiths.com.au)

383 King William Street
(08) 8231 5534

City Locksmiths A & N

467 Morphett Street
(08) 8231 7825

Mister Minit

Myer Centre 22 Rundle Mall
08) 8410 1021

Nelson Locksmiths

280 Gilbert Street
(08) 8232 8783

Woodpend Hardware Premier Locksmiths

61 Goodwood Road
(08) 8373 1035